sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Start today Solverde Pokerstars Poker Season

Start today the 1st Stage of the new season of Solverde Pokerstars Poker Season. It is the beginning of the Third Season of Circuit oldest landscape in the National Poker, which this year is sponsoring the largest online poker room on the World Pokerstars.

This Friday, 16th of January is still possible to secure one of the few entries available through Sit & Go tournaments Satellites of € 25, these tournaments will be delivered two entries for the 1st Stage of Solverde Pokerstars Poker Season.

On Saturday Home and start the tournament on Sunday dispute was the Day 2 of the Main Tournament and the Tournament Complementar. A tournament that will have a buy-in of € 220.

Friday - Day 16 January

18:00: Start of entries

19:00: Satellite Multi table Main Event for December.

Buy-in: 30 €
Rebuys and Add-ons unlimited for 1 hour: 25 €
Initial 1500 chips. Rebuys: 1500 chips. Add-ons: 2,500 chips.
You can rebuy chips with 1,500 or less.
The prize pool will be withdrawn as 10% registration fee + 2% for expenses Dealers.
Attaches 1 entry into the Main Event in December 1100 € each in prize pool.
Break for dinner at 21:15 (45 minutes)
22:00: Satellite Multi resumption of the table

Top of Sit and Gos:

€ 25: 2 inputs attaches to step # 1 (2x € 110)
€ 50: 2 inputs attaches to side event on Sunday (2x € 220)
€ 75: Attaches:
-1 Entry of 350 € for Special # 6
-2 º prize: € 220
-3 º prize: € 90
(In all prize pools is withdrawn 12%).
The winners of the satellites can not exchange their vouchers (gains in these satellites) for cash unless they have already entered the tournament of their pay.

Saturday - Day 17 January

14:00: Check-in
14:45 pm: Start of main stage

Sunday - Day 18 January

14:00: Check-in
15:00 pm: Re-Start of main stage
15:00 h: Side event

Well, today I´m going to play the rebuy tournment and probably some SNG. I already have my seat in to the main event on Saturday and fell better than ever. Going to the casino right now. wish me luck

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