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well well well

I started friday playing the 30e rebuy tournment, and I should say thing went great for me during the rebuy period.
I started with a DOUBLE rebuy and only wanted to do other double rebuy plus the addon.
well I didn´t need to do it and I finish the rebuy period with 12k near the chip leader that had 16k.
I made one mistake to push all in with pocket 55 and I fell I need to improve my pocket pair play.
Right now I dont remember the some particular hand to tell here besides the 2 that cost me my tournment.
with a 4 I lost a big part of my chips without the 4 I lost the rest.
Both plays agaisnt my friend ninja.
I made a raise to 1200 and ninja call and other player also call
I had 23 suitted
we all checked
I bet 3500 ninja call and the other fold
river 4
well I started to think what kind of hand he could had to call the pre-flop, check the flop and call the turn...
and I thought he only could have some pocket pair
I didn´t belive the A because I know his style of play with a strong A he would raise me pre-flop because he had position over me with a weak ace he wouldn´t call pre-flop. so no ace for sure.
other kind of suitted connectors were dead unless he had 34 or 54 but with that kind of cards why call my raise pre-flop or why didn´t he bet on the flop
so he must had some pocket pair
so I bet 5k putting him all in and he instant call me with 55

well I still had a good stack 7k but I need to move fast because the blinds... well someone raised and I went all in with Ah5h he had AJoff

puff and I finish near the FT in 18th place...well at least I didn´t spend alot in the rebuy stage.
After that I went to play a SNG with mark from betfair, vitor, joao barbosa, madjer and some young kidds. well It was some 100e SNG so I dont have a problem with that but then mark told me latter that night that the 3 kidds were counting the money and looking for changes....omg
thats sick
I was a prick like always
I trash alot on the table but I didn´t knew that
one after other went donw the toilet
the last 5 players were me, madjer, joao barbosa and 2 of the 3 kidds.
then this happend
one off the kidds made a mini raise and everyone fold till joao and me
when he made the mini raise I said to him boy you got the Aces and you will be cracked
joao called on the sb and so did I on the BB
flop k 9 9
joao checked
i check
he went all in
joao smiled and said I call
and I folded showing KQ
joao had T9 and he had the Aces lolol
the other kid was out to with AK vs joao AT with a T on the turn
When he was leaving the table I asked him " what did you learn ?" because in the beggining of the SNG he said he payed to learn and play with us. well he didn´t reply to me ...but I hope the get the lesson " don´t play if you dont have bank "

and we start to play the 3
madjed bb 600 ( he had around 4,3k )
me on the SB 300 ( I had around 4,7k )
joao on the button ( he had around 6k )

joao opend with a raise to 2k
and I look to my cards and saw 63off
but joao make the raise with any 2
and I was already ITM so decided to push all in
madjer fold
and joao start thinking and said shit I got to call
he showed k2off
well I lost the race because nothing helped me

well you probably asking why did you push all in with 63off?
simple like I said before joao with position do that with any 2
and I was playing for the 1st place or the 3rd
when I make the push
joao had to fold imo with 6k he had 4k if the fold but he was thinking the same I was playing for the 1st or the 3rd
wp joao
wp me
wp madjer


For the 1st time ever I went to a tournment with a strategy all planed. With new rules ( we could make a rebuy with we reach 0 chips plus one add on @ the finish of nivel two ) I was going to be ultra aggressive but this happend
I had KcQc and I raise 175 one guy called and segrob also called
the flop came
I made a cbet 500
the other guy made a mini raise 1000
segrob folded
and I started to think
he already made the same raise on the last play
so I didn´t value mutch that mini raise
and start thinking the hand that could beat me
KK ? QQ ? nah he had position over me I was utg+1 and he was mp so if he had that he should re-raise me on the flop
33 he could be it was sick imo
then he could had AK, JT ( to open draw str ) or even KQ to split
so I decided to re-re-raise to 3,5k
and he went all in ... since I was commited I decided to call
he showed QQ ...REBUY ( with 10 min of tournment ) so I decided to change my strategy to tight rock ( I was only going to play AA, KK without position and AK and QQ with position ) yeah I know I dont like it but bye tanking I would be in less than 50 min with 9.5-10k so that what I did.
when the addon finish I started to play my poker
I get QQ in the 1st hand after addon and I decided to play it on slow play pre-flop... why?
because one player mp raised other co called and since I was on SB I fell that I shouldn´t raise because a) a could play it strongly after the flop b) if I raise I could have some AX call and a Ace could hit the flop so I decide to slow play.
A Q on the flop great
since I has on the sb I checked, the BB also check, mp check and segrob make a raise
I started to think and decided to call bb and mp folded
turn come and I checked again segrob also checked
river come and I thought there was no str or flush posibility and if I bet here I probably wouldn´t get payed so I decided to check hopping segrob make a bet, and thats what happend he made a 2,5k bet and after some trash talk I said I couldn´t call because I didn´t knew if I was going to win if I call and I re-raise with more 6k. he folded and I was around 16k
then the table was closed and I went to other table with rugbywolf ( he was on my 1st table too ).
This new table was great. alot week players and only 3 guys I knew rugbywolf ( tight one and not to aggressive ), davidoff ( other tight player and not to aggressive ) and other young gun ( verry loose, that like to race and damm aggressive ). The others were old and didn´t knew nothing ( position or 3bet or cbet nothing ) so I was raising and getting pots. grrrrr once again the table was closed and I went to other table with 27k.
On this new table I had some good players milhomens, tonyL among others.
I was pushing tonyL alot and he was folding,etc... then something happend
rui milhomens already short went all in utg for 6k everyone fold till mea looked and saw KK and start thinking
then I push all in ( 32k total ) everyone folded to tonyl that start thinking and representing a good hand
I started to trash with tonyl but when I fell I got him where I wanted I look to him and said " tony I´m your friend fold that shit" he show me QQ and I realized he will call ( he had 27k ) so I fell sorry for him and since he was my friend I look him in the eyes and said "tony you could win but with would be pure luck imo" he realized I was damm strong and fold
I won the pot and went to 40k
some plays later I regret my play
because I learn the hard way a lesson, a very important one that I already knew : THERE ARE NO FRIENDS IN POKER
the play was this one
I caught A9 in the co and everybody fold till me
I made a limp and everyone fold till tonyl on the BB
he made a 3x bet and after some thought I called
the flop come
he bet half pot 3k and I made a re-raise to 7k
he went all in for more 20k
humm I start talking with him and showed one A to him like he did to me when he had the QQ. After he look at my ace he stands up and asked for time...
and I start thinking
why? he could had ace with better kicked but he could also had a JJ,TT and bet the flop hopping I didn´t had the ace. then when he stands up and asked for time I thought ok he knows I will call and dont want
with was a trap and I call
he had one ace with a better kicker
and I lost a big pot and went to 10k
then dinner break come and we went to eat something
the action started and I played 1 hand I got TT in the co and filipa, the sister of tony arrived to the table after dinner and went all in utg. I know filipa and know with that stack, and that she will pay the bb and sb on next hand this is probably a AK, AQ, or 2 high cards probably a pair ...and I decided to race...
well she had kqoff vs my TT
a king on the river and I was out...dammm

I went to the cash table and played some hands winning almost 1bb ...lolo .. well 1bb its 500e :)
and went to play other SNG that I finish 3rd ( chip it )


I went to the casino and decided since I spend 480 on tournments till now and won 900 ( 3rd sng friday 200e + 500e from cash game + 200e from saturday sng ) I could play the highrollers event ( lol ) on Sunday. the 200+20e
good struture + good prize pool but I was tired because on saturday I was playing on the computer till 7:00am...
I made some sick plays and finish 27 out 40


I will put the photos later this week
have fun and see you all on alvarve for the 2nd stage

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