sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008

new day and i did it again

yeah i´m in stage 3 of BPPT. The only porblem is i´m going to be in holliday but i will manage to get a computer to play the 6,6$ garanty with a pack of 3 seats ( 2,2k ). i kick of the table 5 guys playing verry loose in the beggining and after i get the stack i wanted around 10-15k i changed to tight. This tournment had 6 seats and with 9 guys and the BB getting higher i decided to be tight.
i did it again with my buddys ferreira24 and sfdcv.
congrats to both.

on this tournment i get to know other player 1/2 italian that said he will be in BPPT, nice trash talker like me, and he were blablashit against eachother at the end i got a betten hand than him and it was the end. But i promiss him that i will buy a beer in estoril.

cheers mate
better luck next time

Francisco " the truth " Costa

p.s- other moron that was there supporting this guy just said i was a average player and that my blog is shit. i love it when guys think that about me ... give me a HUGH EGDE.

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