terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2008

1st in eyes wide shut 7k grt

betfair is sick
u got to play poker poker
sometimes u lose with AA and that put me in a verry bad position
so close to the money with 22 left and i went almost broke
because some guy went all in and i instant call in the BB
i had AA
he had 45
flop 236
and i was left 2,800k and the blinds 1600,800
then i was forced to go all in
with 3 other guys
with JTs
nice hand but with other 3 guys ...
i loved the flop TTJ
and i 3x
after that i played some solid agressive poker
finally in the final tb
with no hands at all
j4off q2off i only steal the blinds
and one by one guys went donw
till only 4 guys here there
then i try to steal a blind with Qc2s
the bb called
and show AcKh

i thought i´m dead unless
9s 4s 7s ks jh

i ask for sorry and i went from 2nd to chip leader
the other guy was the chip leader and start to %#%#$#%#$
i dont think people know what is poker
is not the best hand pre flop that wins is the best hand after the river that does

nothing special after that
when i´m chip leader or 2nd in the tb a normally win because i choose my hands
other guys see a fucking Ahigh and go all in
i kill other guy with Akoff vs A9off

finally i went heads up with the last guy
with 150000 vs 40000 more less
i got J8s
i was SB
he went all in
i call
he had K2off
i manage to get a 8 in the flop
and a flush in the river

gg and 2,260$ more in the bank
cya bastards and gg
francisco "the truth" Costa

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