sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008


just wake up and waiting for canossa that only going to arrive today.

yesterday i join the super satelite. i finish in 37º just 9 position to getting other seat that i would change for $$.
i played badly ... when u are playing a satelite like that u need to survive, survive and after that be agressive when u play.
i was with 22k (remember 37 players left) in 3 hand pufff
did i play bladly?
lets analise
1st hand
i was on BB 3k
1 player MP raise
i had shit LOL dont remember
easy fold

2nd hand ( my killer )
same player MP limp
i on the SB call
BB check
i had Ad7d
i checked in the dark
since i checked in the dark the move was in the BB
he just checked
and the player MP bet 3000
i put him with AT T9suited this kind of hand even low pair to qq but not hitting a set on the flop
i just call when i should re-raised him
turn card 8h
in the BB i hit with 8k representing Jshit or QJ
but he re raise me all in
well i just hit the hall
that was my thought
with 5,5k left i need to make a decision
i folded
i was behind there
for sure
he showed a Jh Ah
@ the end i was right in every step
1st on the flop when i thought i re raise him
2nd i loved my raise there 8k was perfect bet because the pot was 15k + ante and 8k was mid pot so i fell i was representing a jack
3rd the fold was also good
but damm

3rd hand
the next hand lol
everyone fold till CO
CO bet 7,5k
i looked and saw AQsuited
instant call
SB and BB fold
CO show KJoff


CO said " ohhh nutts on the flop. sorry"
its end like this 22k ( with not only 1 rebuy only made the addon)

after that hotel blablablabla
tamariz blablablalblalbalbalba
and i just wake up

p.s.-i think i´m still drunk

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