terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

It´s official by holligato

Agora, o Mundo inteiro já sabe. A Lock Poker divulgou finalmente o press release onde oficializa a sua equipa internacional de online pros, composta por 12 elementos, onde se destaca o nosso Francisco "Yuran" Costa. A qual se soma aos 10 elementos de enorme peso que assinaram pela sala com vista ao mercado americano e que vão ser capitaneados pelo famoso Eric "Rizen" Lynch.
O documento está em inglês, mas vocês percebem certamente o essencial da mensagem. Parabéns, Yuran. Agora é bombar fortemente na sala que te contratou e continuares a orgulhar-nos com os teus resultados ao vivo. Quem pretender cheirar as mesas da Lock Poker, aproveitando as promoções que o Yuran conseguir arranjar, encontra os links no seu blogue oficial. O texto deste momento histórico para a carreira deste nosso amigo, mas também para a nossa Comunidade, é o seguinte:

Lock Poker Welcomes the World
ABERDEEN, New Jersey (September 14, 2009) – Lock Poker, a rapidly growing and innovative online poker room on the Cake Network has expanded its Pro Program yet again. Following last month’s promotion of Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch to Director of Product Development and the addition of 10 top North American players, Lock is expanding its roster internationally.

This most recent round of signees features 12 elite online pros from around the globe. Leading the way are Stephen ‘allinstevie’ Devlin (Ireland, UK), Bjorn Andre ‘bjolla’ Hovden (Norway), Dan ‘Ladbrokes/danloulou’ Smyth (Ireland, UK), Vincent ‘Diamond8’ Gabel (Belgium), Elmar ‘EmmiV’ Masson (Iceland), Joe ‘Conno!!y’ Connolly (UK), Francisco Costa (Portugal), Robert Jan Hoogendoorn (Netherlands), Brendon "brendoor" Rubie (Australia), Maximilian Bassil (Norway), Bolivar Palacios (Latin America) and Jose Raul Severino(Latin America).

"Online poker has no borders. It is a global community, we are very excited to reach out to the entire world with our product,” remarked Jennifer Larson, owner and CEO of Lock Poker. “We have a true partnership with these players and understand the value of each one of them. With Eric "rizen" Lynch and Lock PRO driving our product we are confident we will have the best online poker experience worldwide"

Lock VP of marketing Derrick Maloney was quick to add “We have a very different approach, not only with respect to the partnerships we have formed, but in the way our pros will reach out to our customers. As we roll out our Pro Program initiatives, we believe the poker world will be intrigued and find many compelling reasons to play at Lock.”

All 12 players, as well as Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch and the 10 American signees are clients of Poker Players International, the world’s largest poker agency. PPI founders Eugene Castro and Randall Kasper once again expressed their enthusiasm with respect to the signings as well as the direction Lock Poker is headed.

“We are proud to Lock arms with a room that is passionate about the player experience and is willing to explore uncharted waters . Lock and PPI are clearly of similar mindset, and we together hope to bring some new lifeblood to the poker world. Time for change” remarked PPI’s Agency Leader Randy Kasper.

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