quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2009

Horse tournament 3rd place and 1st place in the

I´m trying to get better and better in all type of poker. Horse combines them all. Limt holdem, PLO H/L, Razz, 7cardStud, 7cardStud HL.
I playing low buy-in tournaments because i´m still learning and I not great in razz. I know if I want to learn I should play with better opponents but i think there are good players in low buy-in tournments. My last hand was in POL H/L I hit the nutts on the flop but he hit his full on the river sick.

If I won that pot I would be chip leader it was a 255,6k pot. well gg me but like some guy yesterday said I´m a nobody in poker I guess He is better. Thx GOD I can speak WTF I want in my blog.

Yesterday I finish 1st in other tournament. It the champions tournament in PKS that gave me the opportunity to play step 2 of this tournment next sunday. IF I finish top 60 :) I really think it´s not difficult I will enter stage 3 and if I won it I will get a pack to Barcelona EPT. Alot of IF´s but I want it.

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