domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2009



Yeah my friends, don´t ask me how I know, but the fact is that I can tell you guys that BPPT will be held in Estoril on 26 to March 29. The buy-in will be equal to last year €500+50€ or $ 730, and the structure also 15000chips with 1hour levels.

The schedule is as follows

March 26, MTT Satellite No Limit Holdem € 30 Rebuy.
March 26, SNG Satellites, € 55 +5 € and 110 € +10 €
March 27, SNG Satellites, € 55 +5 € and 110 € +10 €, from 15:00 till 19:00.
March 27, at 20:00 start of Day 1 of the main event. € 500 +50 €.
March 28, 15:00 day 2 main event
March 29, 15:00 FT of the main event.
March 29, 15:30 Side event: BPO Side Event NLH MTT. € 165 Freezout.

will exist in the normal betfair satellites, etc ...but you can always make direct purchase on the holding tank betfair.

hug to all and hope you have enjoyed this surprise;) at first hand

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DanielXXI disse...

Such cool =)

The Mayor disse...

So nice! :) I will be there!!!! :D

lulz disse...

who cares?

Sexclusive disse...

I have won a seat for this. If any of you would like to buy it off me I would be open to offers. You will need a Betfair poker account to transfer the seat. No flights or accommodation are included, just a seat valued by betfair at $730. Leave your email address and offer here and I will get in touch. Regards, Sexclusive

SolMiguel disse...

ora ai está um camarada do lisboa poker club...daniel.
Força ai Yuran and GL !! :)
SolMiguel PS
Miguel:LisboaPT aka Xanana

Yuranus disse...

obrigado miguel pelo apoio ainda ha pouco no torneio foi por pouco :S mas perder 2 corridas quando estas a frente em ambas pre-flop doiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Yuranus disse...

Sexclusive I already have a account in betfair and I will buy you the ticket for 400$ + 15% of my winnings in that event. If you agree we can make the deal right away and I can transfer you the funds.

My msn and email are